Potable / Drinking water usage


DESIPRO is approved for drinking water in accordance with ECHA Art.95 Type 5.

Combating legionella and drinking water hygiene

DESIPRO is excellent for reducing germs in the water system of a building and, according to the Drinking Water Ordinance, is metered into the pipe network. It eliminates effectively pathogenic microorganisms, e.g. Pseudomonas, legionella, breaks down the existing biofilm and prevents it from forming again. DESIN pro lowers running energy costs by reducing the flow temperature. DESIN pro makes the use of dangerous chemicals unnecessary. DESIN pro is pH neutral, does not cause corrosion at the recommended dosage and reduces lime precipitation by lowering the temperature in the circulation system.


Sewage waters, especially from hospitals, industry and agriculture, contain a large number of harmful microorganisms and many other antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA. DESIPRO can remove them and prevent them from spreading and releasing into the environment.

Protect yourself with DESIPRO!