Spring water

DESIPRO is a highly effective disinfectant due to its high positive redox potential. It destroys over 99% of all harmful unicellular organisms, i.e. bacteria as well as legionella, viruses, fungi and their spores. Its positive charge penetrates the cell membrane of the unicellular organisms and simply kills them, while at the same time its charge dissolves. What remains is water and minimal traces of salt. No resistances can develop, because the unicellular organisms are killed and not only weakened. Due to the pH-neutrality of DESIPRO, the formation of elemental chlorine is prevented, making it much more compatible with materials than conventional disinfectants.

Natural salt

DESIPRO is produced from the natural raw materials spring water and common salt (NaCl). If you do without the usual toxic disinfectants, you not only protect the environment, but also employees, materials and machines and therefore reduce operating costs. The high effectiveness in combination with good skin and material compatibility, a long shelf life and a minimal risk of corrosion is a unique selling point.


Electrochemically activated solutions contain hypochlorous acid (HClO) and thus imitate the human immune defence mechanism. A subgroup of white blood cells, the neutrophil granulocytes, have the ability to produce an oxidizing solution including HClO when attacked. HClO is a strong oxidizing agent and highly effective against the invading microorganisms.

Protect yourself with DESIPRO!