Industry usage


Approved as a protective agent for liquids in cooling and process systems.

Office and administration buildings

DESIPRO removes biofilm, bacteria and viruses in warm and drinking water, in cooling systems, humidifiers and air conditioning systems. Bacterial soiling, with the resulting line corrosion, is removed by using DESIN pro. By adding to the wiping and cleaning water, the hygiene status in buildings is significantly improved. Other possible uses: hand disinfection, sanitary facilities, odor minimization, mold removal, air purification and disinfection of laundry.

Food industry

A low-germ state is necessary in the food industry, the use of DESIPRO makes it possible to achieve this status in contradiction to commercially available disinfectants. DESIPRO reduces the downtime of production, the use of aggressive chemical products, the disinfection steps and thus the production costs. With DESIPRO, production systems, storage rooms, containers and packaging can be disinfected effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. DESIPRO kills all unwanted germs, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeasts, in the shortest possible time. Product durability is extended by the use of DESIPRO, whereby the legal requirements must always be observed when using DESIPRO directly on food.