Application methods


Used to disinfect surfaces. Soak cleaning materials (cleaning cloth) with DESIPRO and carefully wipe the surfaces.
It is important to always ensure that the surfaces to be disinfected are completely wetted. Note the exposure time.


Spray where you can not wipe for instance on poorly accessible areas. For spraying, you can use among other things our included pressure sprayer.

It is important to always ensure that the to be disinfected surfaces are completely wetted. Flä­chen zu achten.


Parts with complex geometries and cavities can simply be immersed in a diluted DESIPRO solution. Pipes and hoses can be rinsed with the DESIPRO solution. Be aware of the exposure time.


DESIPRO is excellently suited for the disinfection of service and drinking water. For this purpose DESIPRO is dosed directly into the pipeline network, where it reliably eliminates pathogenic germs, breaks down existing biofilm and prevents its new formation.

Protect yourself with DESIPRO!